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Granit Kaczmarski, a jaded EMT, never imagined life would take a drastic twist beyond his weekly AA meetings. After witnessing the mysterious death of a woman at a rally, fate sets him on course to uncover a government conspiracy, awakening a fierce desire to right the wrongs in an otherwise cold, uncaring world. 


The journey takes us once again through the world of SCEPTER, the fallout of the IGNITION energy drink product testers, and the ultimate molding of Granit into the leader of a radical rebellion against a dark institution that seeks to control the populace.



The SCEPTER project is a Collective Human Control Program created by government contractors. The focus was around ways to not only control the general populace in the face of overpopulation, but test methods to overthrow adversarial countries without setting foot into their territory. It is a way to secretly slip humans nanotechnology to control them from within. 

The horrific events of SCEPTER were never brought to light, and further covered up following incident related to the IGNITION energy drink test group. Multiple testers suddenly went mad and subsequently died violent deaths, including Brett Baker, one of the creators of IGNITION. Before he could unveil the dark groups behind the SCEPTER project, co-owner Isaac Evans went into hiding as a result of special interest groups hunting him. He remains MIA, which leads us to the present time.

This story is a modern day Robin Hood tale with a radical group twist. It is the story arc of converting GRANIT into the face and leader of the rebellion. He is the propelling mechanism, the narrative conductor that takes us through the chronicles of these lives that participated in the IGNITION test group.

GRANIT comes around to fight for his purpose and the mission he believes in. The texture of his character is defined by his high tolerance for pain and disappointment, as well as his need to relieve his pain and discomfort by finding answers to what troubles him. 

How do people hide secrets? How do they confine those from seeing the secret right under their nose? How could they do it?

SCEPTER is a wakeup call of what if’s.

What happens when delirium smothers reality in chaos.


What if we everyday people are made the experiment, what then? Could and would the government really commit such horrific acts?


What happens when we fail to hold our leaders accountable for their actions?


What happens then to people in society as a whole? 


A troubled young man with a chip on his shoulder.  A natural resistance that welcomes attack or bad luck as he says. 

Works as an EMT. He has a history of alcoholism and begins attending AA meetings. A good kid with a good heart with a rough life and journey. He’s smart and introverted and removed somewhat from society except for his passions of gaming and mystery.  As such he is a bit of an amateur sleuth.

Granit possesses superior bodily-kinesthetic intelligence. Has excellent hand-eye coordination, dexterity and motor control. 


A socialite and all around southern belle. Her late mother was a high school science teacher and her father is a preacher at one of the largest megachurches in the South. As a result she’s grown up in a well-to-do environment but at the same time always lived under the shadow of threat due to her father’s reputation. A fervent believer in her father’s cause, she actively recruits potential fanatics into her father’s church.

She’s a very driven go-getter, always taking the initiative. She’s as alluring, charming, and charismatic - and knows it.  She has an estranged brother, Michael, that is distant from the family.


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